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February 15, 2010
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March 18, 2010
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March 11, 2010

Therapeutic Nutrition

You can do that with greens?

If you eat your greens you will turn into the Incredible Hulk (Inside-Out Nutrition cannot be held responsible for any claims made up to this point). Hold up … maybe not exactly like him. You will not be quite as angry, and you probably will not turn into an oversized muscle head. BUT, you will most likely develop huge amounts of energy and be strong both in mind and body.

Folic acid is the most common vitamin deficiency in North America. Where does folic acid come from? Greens!!! (Folic acid got its name because it was discovered in foliage). Greens are one those food items that people just don’t get enough of. Here are 10 great ways you can add greens to your diet.

  1. In a salad, I recommend people have at least one big salad a day. You can use a variety of materials such as arugula, spinach, romaine, or a spring mix.Spinach
  2. In soup, Putting greens into soup might be slightly unusual to some, but we see it in asian and japanese cuisine all the time. They put various seaweeds and bok choy in many of their concoctions. A great seaweed to add to soup is wakame.


  3. Sauteed, Lightly sauté up some spinach. Learn more about why here.
  4. Green SmoothieIn a smoothieThis is an idea that only a crazy nutritionist would conjure up, but yes, adding some green leafies to your favourite shake actually tastes great. Try this one with the kids………sneaky but effective. (Another crazy nutritionist designed a great cleanse around this idea…check it out here).
  5. As a powder, Food technology has brought us some atrocious “edible food-like substances”, as Michael Pollan puts it, but it has also made some great products available. In comes the super-powered greens powders. You can find a whole variety of these products at your local health food store.
  6. As a snack: kale chips, If Hostess™ tasted these beauties before they committed to the hydrogenated deep-fried trans-fatty acid potato chip, they surely would have started growing acres of kale. When you got the munchies kale chips will do!
  7. In a dip, Last time I whipped up a hummus, I threw in some spinach. ‘Twas delish!
  8. In a wrap, Don’t know what to have for lunch? Make a wrap! Start with some greens and add in everything but the kitchen sink. It always turns out great.
  9. Lettuce CupsAs a wrap, Not only can you put greens in a wrap, but you can use them as a wrap. Romaine and boston lettuce work great for this.
  10. On pizza, Pizza is one those foods that is sacred to some. You just don’t mess with their toppings. Well, if I may, kale goes great on a homemade pizza pie. Spread them chopped over the pizza before putting it in the oven, and they will come out as a nutritious crispy addition.

Green it up!

– Josh