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July 21, 2010
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November 5, 2010
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November 1, 2010

Food As Medicine

What herb do you need the most?

Tincturing is super-easy and a great, cost-effective way to make your own medicine. Many medicinal herbs grow like weeds and are often labeled as “invasive.” Watch below as I convert this common pesky weed into medicine that will last me years.

How to make a tincture 101

  1. Identify the herb you want to harvest, determine which part you want to harvest (root, leaf, flower, rhizome), confirm the identity of the herb using a reliable reference.
  2. Harvest the herb.
  3. Process into small bits.
  4. Put into a sealable jar.
  5. Cover with with at least an inch of vodka.
  6. Seal and let sit for 1 month in a dark place, shaking 2 times per day.
  7. 1 month later strain and store in dark, glass container.

Happy tincturing!

– Josh

Tincturing tip! Place parchment paper or wax paper between the lid and glass jar so the alcohol doesn’t dissolve the rubber seal.