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The Seed of Love
December 9, 2009
The Dirty Dozen Part 2
December 31, 2009
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December 22, 2009

Food As Medicine

The Dirty Dozen Part 1

It’s that time of year where in the newspaper, on T.V. and on the radio lists of 2009s top 10s, and 100s, and 1000s, are commonplace. I’d like to do my own list not of “the best of 2009,” but “the worst of 2010.” If you stay away from these foods, you can be sure you’ll have a list of your own by years end that reads like this… “10 ways my health improved in 2010.”


I often get asked, “if I were to start buying organic food, which ones should I buy?” I reply by explaining that some are worse than others for various reasons.

The following list consists of the “the dirty dozen”: the top twelve foods to eat organic.

#12 Leafy Greens
Leafy greens are sprayed with chemicals, and since we eat the greens, this vegetable might be more harmful. Spinach tends to have the most pesticide residues. 10% of spinach samples contain residues of DDT, a chemical that was banned in the US more than 30 years ago.

#11 Rice
Major rice fields in California’s Sacramento Valley are contaminated with persistent water-soluble herbicides and fungicides.

#10 Berries
Berries are treated with pesticides that are systemic. This means that instead of only being on the surface of the fruit, they are also inside the meat of the fruit. This makes it impossible to get rid of the chemicals by washing. The Environmental Protection Agency found residues in more than 50% of raspberries tested.

#9 Grapes
Because grapes ripen quickly, they attract insects and moulds more easily than other fruit. As such, they require multiple treatments of different chemical agents to ensure full growth. Most grapes come from Chile, during the winter months. Chilean grapes have higher than normal levels of captan and iprodione, two carcinogenic chemicals.And whats with seedless grapes? Don’t plants need seeds to reproduce? How vital is a fruit that has not the ability to regrow? Is a women healthy if she is infertile? Grapeseeds are one of the most potent antioxidants in nature. Eat the seeds .. they might be a bit crunchy, but they pack a nutritional punch!

#8 Apples
You know what they say, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Unfortunately, we need to revise that saying to, “an organic apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The FDA tested 2,500 samples from 1984-1991 and found forty-eight different pesticides. Half of these chemicals were proven neurotoxins or carcinogens.

#7 Bananas
A favourite fruit of many people, and a popular one with the kids. Bananas come from far away lands (tropical countries) that might not have the same regulatory standards as Canada and the US. Peeling does remove some of the chemicals but not all.

Come back for the Top 6!

– Josh