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    Kristin Rugg Dovbniak
    May 5, 2012
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    May 16, 2013
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    June 3, 2012

    Bonnie Duchscherer

    I am looking forward to my 70th birthday this year as I know in my heart that I will be pain free and in good health. I have been blessed in life with an incredible loving family and great friends but a lousy immune system that has plagued me with major health problems my entire life.

    My doctors and the medical system have been incredible and brought me through one crisis after another, and then over a year ago I hit a perfect storm and my body went into an immune rejection again. The drugs I had been taking for years turned against the body, causing problems with the liver, pancreas, and intestines. Everyone moved fast and I was having cat scans, MRI, ultrasounds, heart catherization, blood work galore, specialists, etc, then my daughter said ” Mom we have to talk to Meghan friend Josh, maybe he can help us” . This was the best thing we did, and so easy even though we live in B.C.

    By using Skype I was able to talk  to Josh face to face and give him a full history and send my medical test to him. I had told my doctors about Josh and they thought it was a good idea to have someone trained in nutrition to be on my healing team, so were willing to pull any tests he needed.

    Josh set up a program for me to follow with the food and supplements I needed to heal my gut and body. I am now on Phase 2 of the program of detoxifying and healing and each day is better than the day before.

    A clinical nutritionalist like Josh should be the first line of defense for health, not just healing from a disease because if you can keep your gut healthy your body has a better chance of staying healthy and life is to precious to waste being sick.

    Josh is so intelligent about nutrition and healing of the gut, so easy to talk to by Skype or email, and never seems to far away to answer my questions or concerns.

    I am back out walking, doing yoga, gardening and enjoying sleepovers with my grandchildren. I have my life back. I am still in the process of recovery, but each day is better and the sun is shining.

    The thing I know for sure is that Josh will be making a maintenance program for me when I get to that point, as I want this last period of my life to be lived with enjoyment, contentment, and in good health.

    Thanks Josh