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    Toronto-based functional nutritionist Josh Gitalis…is passionate about helping his clients figure out the best approach to eating for their needs.

    - Dr. Mark Hyman

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    I reached out to Josh and his team to help me identify what exactly I needed to do for MY body. I am very pleased with the results. In less than 6 months my blood work – cholesterol, blood sugars, inflammatory markers, urate – all went from elevated to mid- to low-normal! I felt so much better, more energized, and started losing weight without effort. Josh’s team listened to my concerns, developed a program just for me – one that I could live with – encouraged me, and answered all my questions. In all, I am very pleased with Josh and his team and highly recommend them!

    - Priscilla Corcoran

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    I continue to feel better than I have felt for most of my life and feel I’m better equipped to keep moving along the path to health. I continue to make strides in terms of a healthy lifestyle and diet…always improving.

    - Colleen Moulton

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    Josh, I wish to share with you again how grateful I am that our paths have crossed.  As a mama I can tell you that there has been nothing worse than watching my daughter suffer in the ways that she has with the OCD symptoms.  This journey has been so challenging and enormously stressful for all of us (but easily our greatest teacher). And so seeing her make strides and feel better inside of herself since implementing your protocol is a gift and relief that is hard to describe but felt deeply in my heart.  Thank you, thank you.

    - C.M.

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    Josh is truly one of a kind.  Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am to have him on my health team, serving as the main coach!  Every day is better than the last because with Josh’s guidance, I am now steadily moving up the slope of health.  Over the years I have seen many doctors and other alternative health practitioners.  None have come close to his level of expertise.  Not only does he understand the body as a whole and how everything functions together, enabling him to create incredibly healing protocols; he is also an amazing teacher, educating and empowering you along the way.  He makes understanding why the body is out of balance, and how he is going to help bring it back to balance super easy, especially with his great analogies!  

    What I love most about working with Josh is that he uses a whole body approach to healing, addressing both the mind and body, and integrating high quality nutrition as part of his protocols. Plus his level of support is unrivaled.  He consistently follows up to assess how things are going and addresses any new concerns.  He genuinely cares about you and your success.

    Josh’s thorough understanding of the whole body, dedication to his clients, and passion for optimal health literally make him the best of the best.  If you are looking to take your health to a new level, get Josh on your team!  Thank you Josh for supporting me on my journey towards optimal health!  

    - Jessica Yeager

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    The recognition of low thyroid, the focused supplements and the nutrition protocols you’ve had me on, as well as the educational information you’ve provided, have made such a huge difference and I can’t thank you enough. It actually makes me teary!

    - Sheri Swan

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    Your suggestions have been very helpful. Following through on your recommendations has been something of a game-changer.

    - Meg Bradbury

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    I have to say the dietary adjustments you recommended and  the supplements have made a big change.  I’ve noticed my energy levels are consistent, my weight has remained stable around 185 lbs down from 195-200 lbs last fall and I’m not experiencing huge bouts of depression as before. All in all the changes are bang on.

    - E.M.

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    Josh was wonderful! He is so knowledgable and informative. He explains things in a way that makes so much sense and makes you want to change and trust him. You feel like he cares and wants you to feel and be your healthiest. Since I started following Josh’s program my headaches have diminished and my demyelination lesions have been halted. Thank you Josh! You have changed my life.

    - Nickie Jones

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    Choosing to work with Josh was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my health. I’ve struggled with so many health challenges over the years, been to see countless doctors and alternative health care specialists, and was always left feeling discouraged and unmotivated by the lack of cohesion and clarity in what I was being told. Josh is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and really takes the time to listen to you and empower you, wherever you may be in your journey to wellness. His friendly and approachable manner makes you feel at ease when working with him and you do not feel like a “patient” speaking to an “expert” – Josh gives you all of the information you need to feel like the expert of your own body and health, which is how it should be. I finally feel like I’m on the right path due to Josh’s recommendations, and I finally feel in control of my own recovery from chronic fatigue and anxiety, as well as a debilitating digestive disorder. I can’t recommend Josh’s Optimal Health Program and nutritional consultations enough, they are worth every penny!

    - Alyshia Wagstaff

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    I’m excited to share with you that I was at my doctor last week  and my blood pressure was in the optimal range!!!! Truly remarkable. Walking the dogs for the past 18 months, plus all the other lifestyle changes due to guidance from you and Meghan, have made a huge change. I’ve been on blood pressure meds for 10 years at least, maybe longer. This is the first change in all that time. Thank you thank you.

    - Linda Freed

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    I already have food allergies, so I was nervous about cutting more out of my diet. Josh convinced me that getting gluten and dairy out of my diet would help and he was right — I’ve never felt better. It’s been a challenge, but he’s been there with me every step of the way.

    - Daniel Iwasa-Madge

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    I have some really great news!!!! As I mentioned before, I have experienced some great changes in myself as a result of food and lifestyle adjustments that you have coached me with. Some of the changes are more intuitively felt such as a lighter feeling in my body even though the scale doesn’t move and feeling like my hair is thicker even though it has only been one month.

    Well, today I went to get my hair cut. The last time I got my haircut my hairdresser and I were talking about how thin it is. Well… today when I went to her, as soon as I sat in her chair and she looked at my hair she commented on that it is thicker! She was BEYOND amazed and overjoyed. She could not believe it. She was jumping up and down and said to me “whatever you are doing, keep doing it…it’s amazing! It’s thicker!”

    She was almost in tears. I shared with her the simple changes as well as my story of this being a condition for twenty years. She commented that many women that come to her have a similar problem and are disheartened.

    - Sandra P.

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    Josh sheds light on how you got to where you are in a way that is both informative and transformational. His simple explanations make your health easy to understand, and the knowledge gained leads to changes you truly believe in.

    - Sandra Chabot

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    I wish I had contacted Josh Gitalis sooner.

    His knowledge, guidance, insight and specific recommendations have improved my health significantly.  My Crohn’s Disease symptoms had significantly impaired my everyday activities.  However, during these months working with Josh, my husband, children and friends can all see and have commented on the positive difference in my health, appearance and demeanor.

    As I continue to gradually move “up the slope of health”, as Josh calls it, I have gained a confidence in my body’s ability to not only function – but heal.  Thank you, Josh, for helping me on this journey.  My family and I are so very grateful!

    - Sara Police

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    We were feeling pretty hopeless after spending 10 days in the hospital (and a total of 4 weeks missed school) with our daughter who was having continual stomach pain.  After countless tests including ultrasounds, colonoscopy, endoscopy, x-rays, blood work and trips to specialists she was told that it was irritable bowel syndrome and there was really nothing we could do.  We booked our first appointment with Josh and requested copies of all the tests for him to look at. Once Josh had a look at the results of her blood work, he pointed out one abnormality that had never been flagged by anyone while we were in the hospital. He immediately suggested changing a couple things with her diet & within a week symptoms were greatly diminished and over the course of the next few weeks she was completely symptom-free! The difference has been night & day and Josh has definitely become our go-to for health related help!

    - Laurie Johnson

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    I am looking forward to my 70th birthday this year as I know in my heart that I will be pain free and in good health. I have been blessed in life with an incredible loving family and great friends but a lousy immune system that has plagued me with major health problems my entire life.

    My doctors and the medical system have been incredible and brought me through one crisis after another, and then over a year ago I hit a perfect storm and my body went into an immune rejection again. The drugs I had been taking for years turned against the body, causing problems with the liver, pancreas, and intestines. Everyone moved fast and I was having cat scans, MRI, ultrasounds, heart catherization, blood work galore, specialists, etc, then my daughter said ” Mom we have to talk to Meghan friend Josh, maybe he can help us” . This was the best thing we did, and so easy even though we live in B.C.

    By using Skype I was able to talk  to Josh face to face and give him a full history and send my medical test to him. I had told my doctors about Josh and they thought it was a good idea to have someone trained in nutrition to be on my healing team, so were willing to pull any tests he needed.

    Josh set up a program for me to follow with the food and supplements I needed to heal my gut and body. I am now on Phase 2 of the program of detoxifying and healing and each day is better than the day before.

    A clinical nutritionalist like Josh should be the first line of defense for health, not just healing from a disease because if you can keep your gut healthy your body has a better chance of staying healthy and life is to precious to waste being sick.

    Josh is so intelligent about nutrition and healing of the gut, so easy to talk to by Skype or email, and never seems to far away to answer my questions or concerns.

    I am back out walking, doing yoga, gardening and enjoying sleepovers with my grandchildren. I have my life back. I am still in the process of recovery, but each day is better and the sun is shining.

    The thing I know for sure is that Josh will be making a maintenance program for me when I get to that point, as I want this last period of my life to be lived with enjoyment, contentment, and in good health.

    Thanks Josh

    - Bonnie Duchscherer

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    “After struggling with digestive problems for 10+ years, my problems became increasingly severe in Spring of 2011, and I was recommended Josh’s Clinical Nutrition services from a colleague. Right away I knew I would enjoy working with Josh- he is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough and easy to understand. Following his individualized protocol I was completely symptom-free within months and remain so a year later. I can’t recommend Josh enough!”

    - Kristin Rugg Dovbniak

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    It is without reservation that I recommend and rely on the wisdom of Mr. Gitalis.  Just after turning 60, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. With guidance from Josh, I embarked on a journey of active surveillance, enlisting a team of experts along the way.

    After an in depth review of my records and results, and a discussion about the role supplements play in curing cancer, I received a protocol that required a change from what I was used to. But Josh explained what each supplement did and I was able to actually visualize the benefit. Combined with a healthier diet including juicing, exercise, acupuncture and the right combination of supplements, I can confirm that one year later, the cancer is being held in check.  The protocol is working.

    I must admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but a year later I am actually  more fit than before the diagnosis.

    Josh has made a huge difference for me and would highly recommend him. If you are looking to take more control over your own health, or just want to feel better inside and out, then seeing Josh Gitalis makes a lot of sense.

    - Ron Telpner

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    “Meghan and Josh hosted a really well-run retreat that provided a great balance of relaxation and learning. I came away feeling inspired to take charge of my own health and pass on the things I learned to my friends and family.”

    - Rani Sheen

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    “Josh blew me away with his knowledge of most anything related to nutrition.  Being a Holistic Nutrition Student, I encounter many teachers, but none as knowledgeable as Josh.  There wasn’t a question that he was asked that he could not answer.  He does a great job at describing things and providing an analogy that makes it easy to understand and relate to.  He was also very approachable for any questions.  I would recommend anyone to see Josh for their health needs.”

    - Amanda Fitzner

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    “Josh Gitalis is an encyclopedia of information. He is very patient and has a great knack for explaining nutritional concepts. In addition, he has a kind soul and is always putting the health of his clients, and the success of his students first. He is a pleasure to work with.”

    - Briana Southward

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    “Josh is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. His knowledge and desire to truly teach his students is second to none. He has an amazing way of breaking down complex information so that it is palatable to everyone. Josh is helpful, patient and pretty funny too. I’ll definitly be taking more classes from him in the future.”

    - Barbara Baumann LinkedIn Profile