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The Gitalis System: A Complete Personal Health Records Organizer




Are you ready to own your health?  Diagnostic errors are the most common type of medical mistake. 1  Though not all of these errors could have been avoided, in some instances, empowering the patient, so that they also have access to their test results could be a first preventative step.

As more people seek the guidance of numerous specialists and natural health care practitioners, it becomes increasingly important for every one of us to keep organized records of all of our health tests and blood work. That is the role of The Gitalis System.

Who was this book made for?

Everyone should have a system for organizing their own medical records. This becomes increasingly important if you are a parent, taking on the health of your children, a caregiver providing support to parents or employers, and seniors who often have multiple practitioners at any one time. Though the practitioners may not always connect with each other – you can connect them through the use of The Gitalis System.

The Gitalis System is crucial for ensuring that you and your loved ones get the best care possible.

What would you do if you or a loved one needed immediate medical assistance?

  • Would you know their family medical history?
  • Would you know all of their medications, supplements, and dosages?
  • Would you know any past treatments they might have had?
  • Would you know have all of their health information at their finger-tips?


What Is The Gitalis System?

The Gitalis System is a medical records organizing system that helps you store all of your medical records from various practitioners, making it easy to refer to your own tests, share your medical history with your health care team, and quickly reference any medications and supplements you have taken or are currently taking and their intended use. The Gitalis System empowers you to assess your own results.

The Gitalis System is an essential tool that will enable you to have all of your medical records in one, simple, organized, and easy-to-reference place.

This is the only system of its kind that is truly patient-centred and designed to empower you to understand your current health status and work with practitioners to better develop treatment plans and to achieve your optimal health goals.

Why You Need This:

  • Track your own medical history
  • See past and current results at a glance
  • Understand past and present treatment approaches
  • Save time in an emergency situation
  • Avoid medical treatment errors
  • Be empowered to read and understand your own blood test results.


Take control of your health, and the health of your dependants. We must be the ambassadors of our own health in order to ensure proper care.

The Gitalis System Enables You To:

  • Organize Information: With all of your medical information in one place, you and your practitioners can quickly access critical information.
  • Track Your Progress: Health is a dynamic process that is always changing, making it crucially important to track your status over time. Seeing your health timeline gives you and your practitioners valuable insight into your past state of health and shows your ongoing progress, making it easy to see when treatment plans need modifications.
  • Ownership + Empowerment: Most people don’t have any idea what their most recent test results revealed. Very few of us keep copies of our records. The Gitalis System allows you to have the same information your health care team have, enabling you to be an active participant in the development of your health plan.
  • Understand: The Blood Test Worksheet included in the system enables you to read your own blood work and determine whether you are in the “medical”, “desired”, or “optimal” reference range. Reading your own blood work has just been made easy for you.

Key Benefits Of The Gitalis System:

  • Easy to use: The various sections enable you to quickly and easily fill in the data required, and file your records for quick reference.
  • Patient-centred approach: You are in charge of your health and this system empowers you to take an active role in working with your health care team to ensure they serve your needs with a treatment plan that works for you.
  • Educates the user: The medical worksheet shows how to read your own blood work, and understand what the tests actually mean.

Section Breakdown

1. Personal Information and Health History: Record all of your basic health information including contact details, emergency contact, medical history, family history, vaccinations.

2. Oral Therapies: It is critical to know at-a-glance which medications an individual is taking. Not only are medications important to note, but natural therapies and supplements are also important to report due to possible interactions.

3. Appointments: Sometimes it’s easy to lose track of who you are consulting with, when you last saw them, and most importantly what was discussed. This section allows you to prepare for visits, and record what was discovered in each visit.

4. Tests, Surgeries, and Procedures: Diagnostics are critical for understanding what is going on in the body. This section allows for an ongoing record of everything pertaining to your diagnoses. Once a diagnosis is made, sometimes a procedure/operation is required. The intervention itself and the results are critical to record in order to help direct future treatment plans or determine if additional procedures are required at a later date.

5. Medical Worksheet: Record, analyze and review your bloodwork, comparing it to both “normal” reference ranges  and “optimal” reference ranges. This is where you truly become your best exert!

How To Use The Gitalis System

Step 1: Order your hard-copy of The Gitalis System. It is highly recommended that each member of your family have their copy to ensure there is never any confusion, or mix-up.

Step 2: While awaiting delivery, contact your health care team(s) and acquire copies of all of your records; this should include any records from doctors, specialists, dentists, natural health care practitioners and body-work practitioners.

Step 3: Once your book arrives, flip through each section and become familiar with the format, location of main sections, and read through the reference guides at the back.

Step 4: Complete the “Personal Information and Health History” section.

Step 5: Move through the book, section by section doing your very best to include all information you have; this will include lists of past and present medications, your doctors’ visits, and tests, surgeries and procedures.

Step 6: Complete the medical worksheet provided comparing your results with the test reference guides, while also familiarizing yourself with what each test means and what is being tested.

Step 7: Take the binder to any future appointments you have and keep it up to date.

Step 8: Pat yourself on the back for being proactive about your health and the health of your family.

Health Care Practitioners

If you are health care practitioner and would like to distribute The Gitalis System in your clinic or to your client/patients, please contact us directly at



  1. Winters and Custer et al. Diagnostic errors in the intensive care unit: a systematic review of autopsy studies. BMJ Qual Saf doi:10.1136/bmjqs-2012-000803
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Additional Information

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