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    Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice

    Learn how to effectively put together a customized nutritional protocol using my effective 7-step process that has been developed and perfected in my own clinical practice over the last 10+ years.


    Date:              March 23 – April 19, 2023
    Time:             4 Classes plus 2 live streams (see schedule below)
    Location:       Online (Details will be emailed)
    Investment:  $519

    Registration is now open

    Upon completion of an intensive nutritional or comparative natural health program, the volume of information can feel overwhelming and what often happens as new practitioners is we try and gain a variety of modalities that help our patients and clients heal. All we really need to learn is the language of the body and an effective and accurate way to organize that information, so we can come up with the best treatment plan. This is what the Applied Nutrition in Clinical Practice course teaches you.

    Ruthy Tanenbaum: The workshop was exactly as I expected, and I believe it has given me the necessary tools to be more confident. It seems that you are really on the cutting edge of our field.”

    Over the 4 sessions you will learn how to effectively put together a customized nutritional protocol using my effective 7-step process that has been developed and perfected in my own clinical practice over the last 8 years.

    The protocol features a personalized diet, therapeutic foods, lifestyle recommendations, and a therapeutic supplementation protocol.

    Throughout the 4-day program, we will focus on this key 7-step process and how it is used to accurately address the most important issues and package the recommendations in an easy-to-follow program for optimal client compliance.

    Some of the topics covered include:

    • Appropriate communication during intake
    • How to create the best intake questionnaire for your practice
    • Information gathering
    • Symptomatology review
    • Creating a follow-up protocol
    • Effective and efficient research skills and resource development
    • Dietary and lifestyle design
    • Designing templates for your practice/business use
    • Functional client handouts
    • The best supplement companies
    • Clinical pearls

    This 4-day program is a great opportunity to ask questions, develop your one-on-one consulting skills, and help you design your dream practice.

    Tanya Lynn Williams: “Josh Gitalis’ “Nutrition In Practice” workshop is essential for any new graduate from holistic nutrition school who intends on working one-on-one with clients. It is informative and inspiring, Josh is friendly and professional, and his wealth of knowledge and experience is shared in a small, non-judgmental, encouraging environment!”

    This course is for you if you are a…

    • Nutritionist or health coach
    • Culinary Nutrition Expert
    • Dietitian
    • Naturopathic doctor
    • Medical doctor
    • Nurse or nurse practitioner
    • Chiropractor or physiotherapist
    • Personal trainer or fitness specialist

    Registration Includes:

    • 10-12 hours of practice-relevant information
    • Breakdown of the 7-step process
    • Course slide set
    • Course notebook
    • Practice Tool Kit with templates, forms, and handouts for clinical practice. Here are a few included (not a complete list):
      • My comprehensive intake form
      • Food/mood/exercise/sleep intake form
      • Liability form
      • Protocol prescription template
      • Readiness assessment
      • Supplement order forms
      • Test instruction forms (i.e. Basal temperature test, stomach acid test)

    Briana Southward: “Josh Gitalis is an encyclopedia of information. He is very patient and has a great knack for explaining nutritional concepts. In addition, he has a kind soul and is always putting the health of his clients, and the success of his students first. He is a pleasure to work with.”

    2023 Schedule:

    • March 23: 1st class available for viewing
    • March 30: 2nd class available for viewing
    • April 5 at 12 pm EDT: 1st Live Stream
    • April 6: 3rd class available for viewing
    • April 13: 4th class available for viewing
    • April 19 at 12 pm EDT: 2nd Live Stream

    Trish K., Holistic Nutritionist: “Josh breaks down complicated health concepts into easy to digest information. He is generous with his resources and knowledge, making his courses useful for both consumers and other health/nutrition professionals. Definitely good value to invest both time and money in one of his education seminars. You’ll come out the other side more knowledgeable and more motivated.”