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    Advanced Clinical Focus: Detoxification and Biotransformation


    Date:               January 5 – February 1, 2023
    Time:               Wednesdays at 12 pm EST (Live Streams)
    Location:       Online (Details will be emailed)
    Investment: $559

    Registration is closed

    In the last one hundred years, 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment. The result is that annually, 6.5 billion pounds of chemicals are released into the air. 2 The chemical industry is highly unregulated, and the safety principle established for chemicals is, “innocent until proven guilty”.

    Using an “innocent until proven guilty” model for chemicals, is like playing a big game of chemical Russian roulette. Someone eventually gets hurt. 

    Chemicals have become so pervasive that you can find them in the farthest reaches of the earth; in the north and south pole, and the deepest parts of the ocean. In fact, the Environmental Working Group found that every single North American shows traces of over 100 known toxic chemicals.

    Exposure to these chemicals is associated with some of the most pervasive modern day diseases including:

    • autoimmune diseases (over 70 different ones),
    • cancer,
    • thyroid issues,
    • gastrointestinal diseases,
    • cardiovascular disease,
    • immune dysregulation,
    • Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and dementia,
    • degenerative diseases,
    • and much more

    It is becoming more recognized that chemicals play a significant role in everybody’s health. It is imperative to follow a two-pronged approach that includes identifying and avoiding/removing the source of chemicals. And second, clearing the toxins that have settled in the body.  The only way the clearing can be achieved is with detoxification and biotransformation.

    In this course, Advanced Clinical Focus on Detoxification and Biotransformation, we will examine how to identify a person’s total toxic load and how to effectively and most importantly safely, clear toxins from the body.

    This course is for you if you are a…

    • Nutritionist or health coach
    • Culinary Nutrition Expert
    • Dietitian
    • Naturopathic doctor
    • Medical doctor
    • Nurse or nurse practitioner
    • Chiropractor or physiotherapist
    • Personal trainer or fitness specialist
    • Individual wanting to learn more about detoxification

    You will walk away with a solid understanding of how to intelligently detoxify the body, and be able to implement targeted therapies for yourself, your family, clients and/or patients.

    “Josh’s ability to connect with his students and his remarkable talent at teaching simple concepts, as well as more advanced topics, are both truly superior. He is extremely organized, amazingly knowledgeable and approachable. As a pharmacist, I have attended various continuing education lessons, however I found Josh’s lectures to be amazingly applicable and extremely interesting. I would definitely recommend attending Josh’s seminars or webinars to anyone out there who has a real thirst for knowledge.” – Shagufta Karimi,  Pharmacist

    Course Outline (subject to change):

    Class 1

    • History of toxicology
    • Sources of toxins: exogenous and endogenous
    • Clinical consequences of toxin exposure
    • Oxidative damage
    • Enzyme inhibition
    • Damage to DNA
    • Damage to cell membranes
    • Endocrine disruption

    Class 2

    • The 5 Channels of Elimination
    • Liver detoxification: Phase 1 and Phase 2

    Class 3

    • In depth: Phase 1 (chemicals detoxed, nutrients needed, activators and inhibitors of phase 1)
    • In depth: Phase 2 (chemicals detoxed, nutrients needed, activators and inhibitors of phase 2)
    • Tests to assess liver detoxification
    • Lymphatic system

    Class 4

    • How to reduce exposure
    • The detoxification diet
    • The role of phytochemicals
    • Therapeutic foods to promote detoxification
    • Therapeutic supplementation

    “Josh is by far one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. His knowledge and desire to truly teach his students is second to none. He has an amazing way of breaking down complex information so that it is palatable to everyone. Josh is helpful, patient and pretty funny too. I’ll definitly be taking more classes with him in the future.” – Barbara Baumann, Nutritionist

    Key Takeaways:

    • A thorough understanding of the detoxification process
    • How to identify imbalances in Phase 1 and Phase 2 detoxification
    • Common root causes of health issues
    • How to restore balance to the detoxification pathways
    • How to use targeted diets, foods, nutraceuticals, and mind-body therapies
    • How ensure proper detoxification for life

    Registration Includes:

    • Four pre-recorded 1.5-2-hour online video classes (released every Thursday, with ongoing access)
    • Four 45-minute live stream sessions (Wednesdays at 12 pm EST, recording available if unable to join live)
    • Complete set of course slides
    • Access to the Private Student Portal containing: recordings, class notes, studies, articles, and handouts.

    2023 Schedule:

    • January 5: 1st class available for viewing
    • January 11 at 12 pm EST: 1st Live Stream
    • January 12: 2nd class available for viewing
    • January 18 at 12 pm EST: 2nd Live Stream
    • January 19: 3rd class available for viewing
    • January 25 at 12 pm EST: 3rd Live Stream
    • January 26: 4th class available for viewing
    • February 1 at 12 pm EST: 4th Live Stream

    Certification Upgrade: For a certificate of completion in the Detoxification and Biotransformation course, you will need to complete an open-book exam and receive a passing mark of 80%. You have 2 years to complete and submit your exam. Your certificate will be mailed to you within three months of receiving the exam.

    “Josh breaks down complicated health concepts into easy to digest information.  He is generous with his resources and knowledge, making his courses useful for both consumers and other health/nutrition professionals.  Definitely good value to invest both time and money in one of his education seminars.  You’ll come out the other side more knowledgeable and more motivated’.    Trish K, Holistic Nutritionist


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