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The 3 Nutritional Essentials for a Healthy Child (Audio Lecture)


Are you confused about what to feed your children so they can thrive? You are not alone. Most parents don’t know where to begin.

In Josh Gitalis’s live lecture, he outlines the three most important things to consider when feeding your child. You will walk away with things you can implement right away. Josh’s presentations are practical, evidence-based, and entertaining, and leave you armed with the facts.

What you will learn…

  • Eating for optimal behavior and scholastic success
  • Which foods build a healthy nervous system
  • The best breakfast to feed your child
  • The worst thing you can feed child
  • Important supplements for optimal development
  • And much more!

This lecture was recorded in front of a live audience.

Sample Slides:

Kids 4Kids 3Kids 2Kids 1