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November 18, 2009
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December 9, 2009
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November 25, 2009

Therapeutic Nutrition

Make Buds With Your Buds

By far the two most favoured flavours are sweet and salty. There’s nothing like the sweet taste of cold, silky smooth ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Or that salty snack that accompanies an ice cold drink. But have we indulged to far into the world of taste?

If we look at the foods that are most commonly associated with sweet and salty we are pointed to sugar and refined salt. What does too much sugar lead to? … Obesity, diabetes, adrenal fatigue, and candida. What does too much salt lead to? … heart disease, hypertension, water retention, and PMS.

We are not meant to taste things as sweet as sugar. In the rare cases in human history that we did find something sweet in the form of honey, sugar cane, and sweet fruits, it was always as a whole food and usually not over-consumed. Same goes with salt. Salt was a rare and expensive commodity back in the day (and not refined). Salty foods were usually from the ocean and loaded with other minerals.


When our senses receive the exact same stimulus over a period of time they adapt. If you stare at one spot, your vision will start to fade, until you move your eyes again. If there is a “white noise” you will not notice it after a while. If there is a bad or good smell, your nose will stop sensing it. And when we eat sweet and salty foods everyday, we adapt to these tastes and want sweeter and saltier foods.


I used to think an apple wasn’t that sweet. Now it is one of my favourite snacks. How did I make this transition? I simply cut out sugar. When I eat less sugar, I want less sugar. And of course, the same goes for salty foods.

I won’t go into detail here, but food companies employ “food scientists” and pay them hefty salaries just so they can learn how to satisfy your taste buds better than the other company (obviously they don’t have your health in mind, just your dollar).

Taste your food again!
– Josh