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August 27, 2013
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September 10, 2013
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September 3, 2013

Food As Medicine

Interview With Dr. Patrick Hanaway

Some key points we discussed…

  • The single most important factor affecting digestion
  • Which diet is the best for digestive health
  • How “evidence” is used to make clinical decisions
  • What professional athletes and people who live in long-term care facilities have in common
  • The best time to take probiotics
  • And much more!

Patrick’s Bio

P{atrick HanawayPatrick Hanaway , MD, is a board-certified family physician with his medical degree from Washington University and residency training at the University of New Mexico. Dr. Hanaway is Past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and co-founded Family to Family: Your Home for Whole Family Health with his wife in Asheville, NC. He has been initiated as a Marakame (Shaman) by the Huichol people in the Sierra Madres of Central Mexico.

Dr. Hanaway teaches extensively on ‘good medicine’, in its many applications. His interests are in systems-medicine research and the clinical application of nutritional biochemistry, with an emphasis on digestion, immunology, prevention, and wellness.

Institute for Functional Medicine appointed Dr. Hanaway to Director of Medical Education in May of 2013.

Dr. Hanaway is the co-founder of a busy integrative medicine practice, Family to Family.