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March 11, 2010
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April 15, 2010
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March 18, 2010

Therapeutic Nutrition

Do I Know You?

Do I Know You? By the time I finish writing this blog I am going to be a completely different person than when I began. Our bodies are constantly changing whether we like it or not. We are continuously breaking down old cells and building new ones. This is why the body has such a great potential to heal … if you let it.

  • You replace 98% of all the atoms in your body in less than a year
  • You make a new skin once a month
  • You make a new liver every 6 weeks
  • You make a new skeleton every 3 months
  • You make a new stomach lining every 5 days

As long as we feed the body what it wants and do not block any of its processes (as seen with many drugs), it will play like a finely tuned orchestra, with every instrument in tune. You are the conductor.

What song is your body singing?

– Josh