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January 29, 2013
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February 5, 2013

Product Review

Book Review: Knockout by Suzanne Somers

The current standard of care in “westernized countries” presents patients with a limited amount of options when it comes to treating disease. The system does not allow for an unbiased representation of all available therapies. It is unfortunate, because there are many scientifically-validated treatments that offer less risk and minimal side effects to the patient, which is always the goal when initiating an intervention.

In Suzanne Somers’ book, Knockout 1, she interviews 12 doctors who are curing cancer without using conventional cancer treatment methods.

Knockout really helps people understand that we must not let our fear of cancer paralyze us, but we must use fear as motivation to seek out more information to feel empowered about our decisions.

13 Top “Take-Aways” from Knockout

1. The second largest number of accidental deaths occur in hospitals. (page 32)

2. 75% of doctors said they would not take chemotherapy. (page 50)

3. One of the best selling cancer drugs is Avastin; a drug that targets a single gene. The average cancer involves over 2000 genes. (page 65)

4. Dr. Kelley (renowned cancer doctor) said that cancer and all diseases begin in the digestive tract. (page 93)

5. Evidence shows that chemotherapy only works for childhood leukaemia, some lymphomas, testicular cancer, and Hodgkin’s. It is completely ineffective for metastatic breast, lung, prostate, and pancreatic cancers. (page 95)

6. “There is evidence that mammograms are not really that diagnostic and may be inducing breast cancer…” Dr. Russell Blaylock (page 150)

7. “We know that a combination of nutrients has a far better chance of controlling cancer than anything conventional medicine has to offer.” Dr. Russell Blaylock (page 152)

8. Adding turmeric to your olive oil will prevent the oil from being destroyed when cooking. (page 160)

9. Iodine protects against breast cancer. (page 197)

10. “…cancer is a disease of the whole body and a tumour is just a symptom of the disease.” Dr. Michael Galitzer (page 212)

11. Hyperthermia (raising the body temperature using heat) can be an effective adjunct for treating cancer. In fact, its been recorded that people who experienced a fever of 105 when they were a child never get cancer. (page 217)

12. At the Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland, a Dr. Rau found that 96 out of 100 patients with breast cancer had had a root canal. Root canals can contain festering low-grade infections. (page 218)

13. Medicinal mushrooms can increase natural killer cell activity. Natural killer cells are critical immune cells for keeping cancer in check. (page 258)

Final Message

If at least one of these take-aways surprised you, then you can see that there are many more options than we might think when it comes to the management and treatment of certain health conditions.

– Josh


  1. Somers, Suzanne. Knockout. Three Rivers Press: 2009.